{npm 2019: twenty-eight}

apparently never too old

a forceful hug, then
one last instruction, “Be good.”
the child inside pouts

*Nope, they didn’t ask to be on my blog. Somehow, that this is an old picture and I grayscaled it makes it seem… better? More acceptable? And excuses all the pictures of me I’m sure are on Facebook. Harumph.

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  1. I love this picture! And those instructions were so common from my parent’s generation. I don’t think I’ve ever sent William off with a reminder to be good.
    In my grandmother’s letters to my dad when he was stationed in Hawaii during the war, she always closed with a P.S. that usually said “Be good, take care of yourself, and say your prayers.”
    Thanks for sharing this one. It’s brought up a lot of memories.

    1. @MissRumphius: I think that what chafes is that our ideas of good? Are miles apart. What does that even MEAN!? And, hello? I’m going to be FIFTY in a handful of years. At what point can I stop being instructed!?!? But, at the same time, I adore that parents are always parents.

      Sometimes, I reflexively say, “No,” when he says to be good. And then he gives me A Look. 😀

      1. :mrgreen: I agree with your comment. (And it’s a great photo!!!!)

        My mother switched her comments a few years ago when we gave her grief about her “buckle up and drive safely” every time we left their driveway. It’s now “drive wildly and leave your belt off”.

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