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Peachtree 112

To all my friends suffering under the nth snowstorm… at least it has a neat name.

blackberry winter (n.): Used chiefly in the southern regions of America, this refers to a period of cold weather in the late spring, more boringly called a “cold snap.” The term is said to come from chilly weather appearing after the blackberry plants have begun to bloom, which Americans will feast on in cobblers throughout summer. Other terms for this are after-winter, blackthorn winter, dogwood winter or redbud winter.

So, take heart… it’s started. If you have to, make your own flowers… but, they’re coming. And then, there will be berries.

it begins with clouds
now forming, piling, parting
wakens first the weeds. leaves next
slowly greening – and then blooms

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  1. The redbud trees at present are actually stop-you-in-your-tracks-and-gape-inducing. And, the sun was out. I can forgive chill, if there’s brightness involved.

    Plus, let’s be honest~my winter wardrobe is FAR cuter than my summer threads.

    1. @divatobe I’ve had this idea in my head to grow ginkos in my someday yard, but whatever those sweet, fat blooms are on spindly, leafless trees (some kind of magnolia?) are rapidly joining the list. I’ve never experienced redbuds, but the color is a lot like jacaranda, which are gorgeous.

  2. This is all well and good in the areas of the country that receive moisture. My heart hurts for my hometown in Eastern Colorado, which is under an Extreme Fire Warning because of the excessive dryness there. Yesterday, the wind blew so hard that the dirt in the air reduced visibility to 1/2 block in town.

    It’s hard to take joy in the redbuds…but I am! 🙂

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