{fiction, instead of lies}

Enough. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I’ve been thinking lately about plenty. Satiety. Doneness. Satisfaction. When do you know when you’re there with a manuscript? A school essay? Your life? Don’t know, don’t know. But I’m thinking of these things, and that thinking has pushed me back to a blog post by the talented Wendi Gratz again and again. Please click through and look at that gorgeousness. Her lovely embroidery of a fortune cookie quote makes me ponder.

A feast is, by definition, kind of more than enough, right? And yet — having enough IS as good as a feast, if you can acknowledge what you have, and that it fulfills the need of the moment, which is, truly, all anyone needs.

Enough is as good as a feast. Oh, how I want to live that way — at the table, in the bank, in the world. Enough. Just… enough.

(Incidentally, Wendi has made prints of that embroidery available via Etsy. I’m saving a purchase as a gift to myself when I finish my novel…)