Sarah Byrnes: The Movie?

Have you read Chris Crutcher’s epic novel Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes? Do you think it would make a great movie? Are you puzzled, like I am, that so many mediocre YA books get made into films, and so many flashy, thinly plotted hackfests are marketed for YA viewers, but nothing really deep – as if someone on Madison Avenue thinks YA’s are stupid? Well, then, here’s your chance to help make the movie idea a reality…

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  1. I have taught Crutcher’s STAYING FAT FOR SARAH BYRNES for the past three years and it always seems to be well received. Ms. Lemry’s CAT class almost becomes a model for our own discussions during certain parts of the novel. We were fortunate enough to have Chris visit our school a couple of years back, and he mentioned something about a movie then … is it still in the works? I’m sure that a film could possibly make this one of the most memorable learning experiences of our high school students’ careers. And after poking around, it looks as if there are plenty of kids that feel the same way.

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