{flicktion affliction catch-up}

I missed writing a story in February for our Second Tuesday Flickr exercise. I can’t remember why, but I’m pretty sure it’s because the first two months of this year disappeared beneath the pall of illness and general blahs. Now that I’m better, I’m a bit regretful of missed opportunities, and want to do something with this picture because it is still so weird that I need to address it somehow.

MOSS MEDIA (Acción Urbana)

I know, right? ‘Weird’ was kind of an understatement.

green on cobblestones
even in the city square
Spring shares its secrets.

Okay, I feel better for having at least given it a shot. Better late than never.

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    1. I …THINK this is in Spain, and the public art guy in green there is like… an environmental activist. The lady appears to be holding a basket of candies, and the children are being given them… but yeah, it’s all VERY surreal, and I … just…

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