{december lights: a new annunciation}


Blessed, blessed

are you, for


will make you weep

when the light hits the grass

in the morning.

I will make you crave

conversation like red

meat, lay you

weak, at the feet

of strangers. I will open

lives like vistas

before you

that you will never



beautiful thing

will come to you and press

against your flesh.

There is nothing

that will not call

your name, nothing

that you will not long

to possess, nothing

that will not offer up red

kisses, coupling,

seeping into the roots

of the world.


will deceive you,

tell you all you need is a

mouthful, but in truth,

I know the desire

I infect you with is


See, how the red shoes

I bind to you prick

your feet,

hungry for the beat

and sway

of word upon word.

Blessed, oh! blessed

are you.

~ ©2007, all rights reserved, by Sara Lewis Holmes

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