{#healinghaiku: 12♦3}

Yesterday, I saw a tweet that read, “I will not grow weary. I will not grow weary. I will not grow weary. I will not grow weary.” I felt an immediate kinship – and thought of Tech Boy, who makes his daily calls to the senators and representatives on the way to work, who keeps up and reads all the articles, all the bills, all the proposed laws and bulletins. He digs in – and actually does the work. Every day. Every morning. Without fail. I will not grow weary. And yet, sometimes – already – it is a temptation for the less determined of us.

But, we know the gig here, though, right? I mean, even this carrot, which took A YEAR to actually mature being a little froth of volunteer seedling, even it knows.

2016 Winter Garden Carrot 1

don’t faint

and in due season
not a moment before time
behold the harvest

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  1. Wow, Tech Boy. I’m trying to figure out how to protect time in my day (30 minute lunch hour — eat/make calls?) to do my #socialaction. My Guy reminds me that the work I do 8-12 hours a day counts as #socialaction. I really am trying for a better future…one learning at a time. I’ll try not to faint.

    1. Cousin, we have the benefit of being on the West Coast; it’s three hours later and so Washington is already well up and on their way during commute hours here.

      I am not good at calling, but I figure I can write letters. I know that maybe nobody is listening seriously, but I can annoy them by volume. Protest, too, is a political act.

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