{#npm16: yet more doggerel, now with arachnids}

To what purpose, spiders, do you come again?



The Dolophones comes in two kinds: turrigera which has a turret-like protrusion, and the conifera, which… looks like a conifer. Yes. Like a tree.


They’re a harbinger of spring, just like the other multiplicities of things which creep, crawl, and fly. These… can look a lot like sticks; the dolophones conifera is entirely flat, and can wrap around a piece of wood for camouflage. Just Google “wraparound spider.” You’ll be … glad? you did.


Near Australia’s central coast –
Oasis of more cultured folk
Twigs thought to be mere lifeless wood
Hide sly shape-shifters, savvy. Most
Arachnids – bugs – uncommon shaped still
Navigate a liminal space –
Keenly admired by science peeps
Spiders still give this girl the creeps…

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  1. Okay. ewww. We have a LOT of spiders around here and I DO NOT like them. Some very big, furry and carrying backpacks. Never knew about dolophones. Genius camouflage, but that makes them even scarier.

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