{#npm16: 4-2, a non-acrostic avis harley}

So, for National Poetry Month this year, I’m not simply going to attempt haiku or senryu – I’ve started playing with acrostics and may like them well enough to keep going with them as a fun, just-for-now challenge. My cousin, Mary Lee, mentioned in comments that I’m rising to the ranks of Avis Harley. Her name was vaguely familiar to me, and I recognized her books when I looked her up (and can now say a vehement, “I can only hope” to Cousin Mary on the topic of matching her someday). You might take a moment to look over a few of the interviews and poems I’ve read of hers over the last few years – @Gotta Book and, by Kelly blogging @I.N.K., and part of Tricia’s Poetry Maker’s interviews Steinhart Aquarium 106


By Avis Harley
The butterfly was there
before any human art was made.
Before cathedrals rose in prayer,
the butterfly was there.
Before pyramids pierced the air
or Great Wall stones were laid,
the butterfly was there.
Before any human, art was made.

The Monarch’s Progress: Poems with Wings (Boyds Mills Press, 2008)

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  1. Nearly two weeks late, but I’m back to see what you’ve been up to, all the way from beginning to now. Glad you discovered Avis Harley. In answer to your vehemence: “Don’t sell yourself short!”

  2. Avis is the queen of acrostics, in my opinion. She’s brilliant. Then again, so are you.

    I am actually dedicating myself to discussing haiku and senryu for the first full week of National Poetry Month. Because I’m tired of everyone thinking that they have to be 5-7-5 (and many folks think that’s the sole requirement). And I felt attention to small things was the way to go, maybe. We shall see.

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