{thanksfully 3.0 ♦ carried}

Kelvingrove Museum D 579

Armored unicorn horse gives you side-eye.

I am a terrible fighter.

I have a lot of the determined rage necessary to fuel an effective debater, but I can’t channel it. When engaged and enraged, generally I sputter and flail and …weep. It’s annoying, to tell you the truth. It gets worse when it’s an intellectual dispute rather than a personal discussion. I find that my mind… just… disconnects. I KNOW things, I can see where people are wrong, their conclusions erroneous, their claims distorted; their fallacies in logic are as plain as the nose on their faces, but I … can’t…. tell them, because when things are important to me enough for me to engage, I may think furiously, but I speak… incoherently.

And I’m sarcastic! And I have comebacks! And I am GOOD at having sarcastic comebacks. Silently. Inside of the echo chamber of my own head. VEXING, I tell you. Which is why today I am grateful for the brilliant and articulate amongst my acquaintances. Like warrior steeds carrying topics into the public forum, they charge forward and take the rest of us with them into the larger realms of thought. Sometimes it’s a terrifying ride, but they keep us going forward, which, despite its risks, is the ONLY direction to go.

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