A Valentine’s Gift For All of You

I can’t even tell you how much I wish I could afford to get this charm for all of you, who, like me, write and sometimes struggle with the motivation and the reminder that THIS is the most important thing you’ve lined up to do today. Not the laundry. Not the making of the bed. Not even the creation of the balanced meal. This: your thing you do. That’s most important.

Butt in Chair. Hands on Keyboard.

Live it like you mean it!

(Via Smart B’s/Trashy B’s)

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  1. I like that. I don’t know if you were talking in Author mode there or Blogger mode (or both), but I’m not an author but am a blogger, and it still works for us nerdy bloggers, too, I think. I mean, I could be *cleaning* now, but I’ve got butt in chair, reading your great blog.

    jules, 7-Imp

  2. They also have a BIC magnet!

    I wish I *could* do NaNoWriMo types of things with kidlit. I am horrible – not at writing daily, but at producing coherent work in that amount of time. The way *I* write, I have to be able to go backwards each day. SO, I’d never be able to fulfill the word count aspect of a NaNo type of thing. But (if I’m not in revision) I’d be glad to play!

    And yeah, okay. Go cook a nutritious meal. I try not to work when Mac’s home so I don’t completely ignore him, and I know with kids you have to be somewhat less self absorbed. Frankly, when I was little, I LIKED eating cold cereal for dinner…

  3. Perhaps more needed would be NaNoReMo – National Novel REVISION Month? To immediately follow on from the dreck turned out during NaNoWriMo?

    Yes, I’m evil.

  4. Love it, Tadmack!

    We should all just get ones for ourselves and use them!!

    Off to make nutritious meal for the family…

    P.S. I’ve been thinking of doing an NaNoWriMo alternative in the kidlit universe. What do you think would be a good alternative? I was thinking 3 months for a first draft–March-May.

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