{YES. This.}

Equality and justice NOW AND FOREVER.

When we were very small, my two older siblings and I wanted EXACTLY THE SAME EVERYTHING. We all wanted five cookies if that was what was on offer, we all wanted the same amount of milk, the same amount of raisins in our cereal, and the same everything. It drove my mother crazy — but the human brain is always categorizing and weighing and comparing. We’re geared and hardwired to believe that we’re not getting our due if we don’t get as much as someone else.

But, the truth is this: there’s really no such thing as a “level playing field” unless some people wear shoe lifts and stand on blocks. Fair is everyone getting what they need, not getting all the same thing. This is a big truth that MATURE kids learn. Now, let’s try it with adults…

(Hat tip to Tu Books tumblr.)

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  1. This is an amazing graphic. So true.

    In my family, though, it was my mother who perpetuated this equality myth. SHE was the one who counted everything out exactly the same for both my brother and me. It’s a habit I’ve worked hard to break.

    1. So many moms ARE the ones behind that – and most of the time, I think my mother was, too — I just remember as we grew older and she grew older (she had us so very young – by the time she was 21 she had three kids below the age of six) she realized that we weren’t lockstep stepford children, and started repeating that we weren’t all the same. Perspective, I guess: she had eleven siblings.

  2. This reminded me of how when I was a kid and my sister broke her arm, I asked my parents if I could have the same amount of $ that they spent on her cast, since I wasn’t dumb enough to break my arm (well, I didn’t say it that rudely, but still!). How embarrassing now.

    1. Ooh, Laura. I think I tried to extort the price of the piano lessons my sister blew off. We human beings are something else, aren’t we!? Always crying “it’s not FAIR!” but really – who ever said it would be?

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