{chaos, roaring in}

Viva la unexpected. It rained hardly a drop until the end of March, and then it poured through the first full week of April. Yesterday was all moody pewter skies, and then last night a wind kicked up and the Great Blow has been ongoing. I am watching the rose bushes whip around, and irritated hummingbirds being flung about. So this is what March was supposed to have brought us – lion roaring rain and winds, fading to lamb-like calm. I’m intrigued by the chaos, and what else April will bring.

For me, it will bring the “bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy” sort of chaos. I’m going to spend Wednesday with the Tiggers – my nephews, whose tops are made out of rubber, and whose bottoms are made out of springs. I generally call them the Wee Men, but sadly, they are not blue. They’re short, beguiling, amusing, and adorable. They are also loud, and speedy, sly and quarrelsome. With the exception of the fact that they cannot be bribed with whiskey or carry off an entire sheep, they’re a lot like the Nac Mac Feegles. (I shall refer to them from henceforth as Wee Mad Arthur and Daft Wullie.)

They’re a curious, lively handful. Their older sister, twenty years their senior – made up a mock adoption ad about them for one of her graduate projects – we told her it was a delayed sibling rivalry reaction. We truly adore them, but often stand around and wonder, “Were we this busy, this bouncy, at four and five?” We all agree – no. Not us. Never.

to ma wee dafties

will ye nae sit doon?
yer constant squabblin’ willna
return your DS

the book auntie, thwarted

I dreamed of an aunt
Who loved books. Today’s requests
are, “Nintendo, please!”

sweet dreams

noodle-limp you nap
draped where you dropped. Darling boys Guiltily,
auntie is relieved.

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