{less than you wanted, more than you had}

Things have been quiet around here, since Tech Boy has managed to have a monumental sick. Other people just have colds; no, he prefers to go straight to pneumonia, after denying there’s anything wrong for two weeks. It’s a rough moment in the world, for some reason; things are going wrong for quite a few friends, so here’s to making it through this week. Onward and upward.

Hayford Mills 349

who says the happy
bird must be blue? I hear the
Pigeons come closer.

After being aggravated by them for so long, now it makes me laugh to hear their stupid claws scrabbling on the window… but, the pigeons are here to help! Eventually, they will do… something. Other than make piles of bird doody by the front door…

Cranberry Orange Marmalade 3

what’s for dinner

cauldron bubbles: toil,
troubles. Not victuals we wish.
But edible still.

6 Replies to “{less than you wanted, more than you had}”

    1. FORTUNATELY, it’s not pneumonia!
      It’s bronchitis and a sinus infection, which means he’s coughing green gunk from nose and lungs. Yay!

      No, seriously, it’s better, and we’re right now deep into Better Living With Chemistry and lots of sleep. Thank you – should be soon righted, at least by the weekend…

  1. I’m so sorry about the pneumonia. I’ve been there and done that, and it knocks you flat.

    Your haiku extolling pigeons made me laugh. Sometimes, I run through flocks pecking the grass that I’m SURE aren’t going to budge an inch, even if I stomped on their little birdy feet. They come close all right.

    May happiness be as prevalent as bird doody in your life. How’s that for a blessing?

  2. Get Well wishes to Tech Boy! Feed him lots of soup!

    We’re getting the bird doody treatment too from a nest builder on the front porch. The UPS man likes to lay parcels right on top of the droppings just to make my life more interesting.

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