{blow, blow thou winter wind}

Hayford Mills 221 BW

Thanks, to all of my dear friends who emailed and asked about us. Yes – twelve hours without power, and a lovely and haunting looking 1840’s building was “remodeled” by the wind at the end of our street, but we’re fine. The weather vanes, downspouts, and all accompanying are somehow still on our building, when the vast majority of our neighbors have lost theirs. Our tree is even still up, while branches are stacked and saws are whining into the night as people are trying to still clear wood. Our deck – on the third floor, up two flights of stairs, mind you, is, weirdly, flooded. But, we’re still here!

Hayford Mills 223

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  1. I am glad your house was spared the caprice of the winds (that as harsh as they are, are “not so unkind as (hu)man’s ingratitude”). The photos are startling.

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