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Normal blogging to resume… in December, I think. I’ve been elected to judge a Cybils panel, which means a bit more reading in my life. It’s going to be a juggle this year, because I’m still revising two novels whilst trying to do everything else.

Saturday night I got The Idea that’s going to allow me to pick apart THE SISTER CITY and reweave it into something that works. ROCKET RIDE is off to be shopped around (not science fiction, just a weirdly ME title) and now my mystery (untitled at present, thinking FAVORITE SON) is going to have to wait a few while I fix things with the sisters — and then we’re off and running again.

I really love writing across genres. Maybe next I’ll attempt steampunk.

Today I wrote a synopsis for HAPPY FAMILIES, which is now going to be shopped around the European market. My fingers are crossed. None of my work jumps the pond(s) very well; I think somehow I have a provincially American outlook on things, which, after going on five years of living in Scotland, is just a wee bit disappointing! But, what can you do.

I’ll write a real post soon. Soon!

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Happy October to you.

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