A Mini Challenge

The great folks at SmartWriter.com have come up with a YA shorts contest that will maybe help get some of the cobwebs out of your brain. Stuck on your current character’s current dilemma? How about backing up to another point in their lives and writing out a scene? The ensuing short story will be much richer because you have the background of really knowing the character, and can fill in enough detail to flesh out even the shortest piece.

Getting short stories for kids and young adults can be really difficult, especially if you’re not lucky enough to get into a literary-type magazine, or an anthology. This contest is a great chance to get some exposure — as well as cash prizes, the writers who place first in this contest in all three categories will be included in an anthology! Check out the Write It Now: Shorts page at SmartWriters. And get busy already! You’ve only got ’til Halloween!

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