Nine, Maybe Ten Good Things

  1. The middle grade novel is done, at last, and out it goes, synopsis written, shoes tied, face washed, on Monday. Calloo, callay! O, frabjous day! Thank you, God. NOW I feel like my brain is back online for the first time since — sheesh, October? — and can resume revising my science fiction novel…
  2. I am being interviewed by someone named Capillya. The name is undeniably awesome.
  4. Yesterday, the sky was blue for seven hours straight.
  5. The Little (Bro) got his passport this week, which means the week after his Senior Trip to San Diego, he’s going to come and slouch around my house and eat all of my food for a week. Nice, huh?
  6. The Niecelet – whose Scottish name is Ms. McFlea-McFly, is coming with him. She explains that she does not slouch. Nor eat nearly as much. This is good.
  7. Did I mention the snow drop?
  8. Another good thing: plum-apple sauce. And the ease of making such. And eating it out of the jar, by the spoonful.
  9. The CIA has pictures on their Flickr (Wait – seriously. Let’s take a moment. The CIA has a Flickr account!?!? …Because???) of something like the Bug thingies in my science fiction novel. Yeah, I know!! How cool is that?
  10. Just…swimming. And indoor pools with foggy glass ceilings on a cold morning.
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6 Replies to “Nine, Maybe Ten Good Things”

  1. Ooh, ooh! It’s time to put out the snowdrop and crocus dollies. Hurrah for snowdrops! Did you know that snowdrops and late winter/early spring crocuses come out early so they don’t have to compete with other flowers for pollination? Of course you did. And all this time, I thought that it was just because like me, they couldn’t wait for spring, and decided to pop up on the first sunny day.

    Congratulations on the completion of the MG novel. Yay! [Need. Science. Fiction. Novel. Now. Hee hee.]

  2. Congratulations on item 1! I find the shoes and the face fairly easy to remember (with the first they trip, and with the second you tend to see it); it’s the fingernails that get by me. I hope the sci fi proves a bidable child, and holds still nicely for you!

    and I hope the sundry visits are fun for all of you!

    No snowdrops for us– we still have over a foot of snow; B. lost his sneaker in a three foot snow drift this afternoon and I had to scrabble intently to find it again. But we do have the nice (?) orchid the Neilson people brought to our door to thank us for, as we had sworn would be the case, not watching tv for the past six months. They said they would be back in another six months, at which point they can confirm once more that we don’t have a working tv….so pointless for them.

    1. The world being as it is, is made up of “two steps forward, two steps back.”
      Snow is forecast on Monday, so that’s going to seriously inconvenience the snowdrop. The synopsis is not working – I have trashed two so far. I have an email from my agent which gives me a deadline of having it done now. Aaargh!

      But, we go on.

      I am so glad you found Ben’s shoe!! Another three months seems a long time to wait for shoe retrieval…

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