{the end of all things is nigh}

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Okay, maybe not the end of all things. But… summer. Dude. What happened?!

The warm days I so looked forward to only ever tentatively came to pass — much of my summer has been a bit of a wash – literally. Rain, rain, rain, and more rain. And yet, I can’t really complain. Although I’m not a person who keeps track of words-per-day writing, I’ve been slogging along – and am three quarters of the way through one novel, a third of the way through another, and just finishing the preliminary research for a third. This is not to mention all of the reading I’ve been doing, or the editorial letter I’m awaiting next month. I’ve gotten a lot done, and there is yet so much more to do!

This is our last school year in Scotland. How odd it feels to say that — when I am still getting used to the fact that I been IN Scotland at all! Nevertheless, it’s almost over, Tech Boy is writing up the dissertation which will earn him that coveted PhD, and my time in the isle of mists and moss and mold is almost at a close. I keep feeling like there’s so much to do before I go. I should be racing around trying to see one last castle, one last loch, one last… something. Instead, I’m sitting in my window seat, sipping my tea, looking out at the neighborhood like everyone else on a Sunday afternoon.

There’s just no accounting for laziness.

In any event, I’m still mildly chagrined at the whole seasonal thing. September! No, really!? Wasn’t it just July?

The days are creeping up on me. A sign of old age or insanity…

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  1. I love that you can call anything about yourself lazy after cataloging the amazing amount of writing you’ve gotten done. Liar, liar!

    The summer has been endless to me in some ways, flown by in others. Either way, I’m excited for fall, my favorite season.

    You sound like a high school senior:>) All last school year, the seniors would talk about their last Homecoming game, last final exam, last field trip to wherever, last orchestra concert. Definitely gives everything a bit of melancholy, but also makes you appreciate it even more.

  2. I think sipping tea and looking out at the neighborhood is a perfect way to absorb and fill up on what it is like to live in Scotland. That is what you will remember. Windows figure in memories. One of my most vivid memories of living in France in college, has been the view out of my corner bedroom window. I found the house on “Google street view” recently and was dismayed to see the bushes have grown over “my” window now. Things change in, er, 30 years.

  3. “A sign of old age or insanity.”

    Let’s see, which could it be?

    For me, both! Time does indeed fly faster the older you get. Sigh.

    Hope you enjoy your last year in Scotland — not much time left to learn to play the bagpipes. 😀

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