{…things which, this minute, make me happy…}

Revision. Because it means I’ve sold another book, and I’m working, being a writer. Which is just exceptionally cool.

The countdown of “almost done” for Kelly’s Jane poems, and knowing that yet another of my dearest friends will soon be in print.

New story ideas and fun historical research. And poison.

The light at the end of the tunnel for Tech Boy’s PhD.

Actually, the endless rain. Because I’d rather be dreary than too hot, at this point. (This may change.)

Other happiness will surface, but those are the thoughts as of this moment. Also: that Tales of Mere Existence is somewhat addictive, and very depressingly funny.

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  1. Wait, did you just slip in that book sale right by me all nonchalant?

    Making me wonder if it’s a brand new one, or one that you had announced previously?

    If the answer is yes, yes, maybe yes — my reply is Whoop-dee-doo on all counts :D. It’s so difficult keeping up with such a prolific writer. Sigh.

    Have fun with your revisions and new projects and research. I worry a little about the poison, though.

    And Congratulations!!

    1. It’s a new one – the one I thought I’d not find a home for — just out of the blue, a couple of weeks after I got back, my agent told me “Oh, by the way –!” so that was good news to hear.

      I took to heart your thoughts on how the internet has changed writers – how people tend to compare their successes to others because we tend to announce it to all and sundry on FB or our blogs – and so I decided to be low key. I’m happy about the sale, yes! But I think I don’t want to contribute to the atmosphere of competition and/or unhappiness in others…

  2. Every time I stop by your blog, I leave pondering – that’s a good thing! 😀 Today, is no different. One should, often, stop and list the things that make them happy at “this moment”. Thanks T.

    1. Cyn, you make me sound better than I am. I tend to lurch from moment to moment, mercurially swinging from one thing to the next — so it’s important for me to take a moment and say, “Look, you! You’re happy!” Otherwise, I tend toward permanent grumpiness. 🙂

  3. Yay! I’m signed in, for the moment, at least. With a very long password that I need to try to change.

    Go, Tanita! I know you’ll rock the revisions:>) And long, dreary rains are the best writing weather, to me. Enjoy.

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