Magic of All Kinds

Yes, I know it’s the big weekend for Harry Potter fans, but before we get to that, first I have to say that the NPR “All Things Considered” update of the story of Owen and Mzee, the baby hippo tsunami refugee who became the foster child of a giant tortoise, is a kind of magic all its own. Of course there’s a children’s book in the works! Props to NPR for the sneak peek.

Meanwhile, we’re still wild about Harry! A few cities actually proclaimed an All Potters Eve, and I’m glad to see it wasn’t just the adults having fun. I sincerely hope this next book is worth the wait, worth the hype, though I have my doubts about that, from the sort of whinging and hand-wringing that went on in the last episode. I do, however, send good wishes to JK Rowling… and I really hope she’s well on her way to fabricating another universe, and another set of lovable characters, because boy this series is going to be a hard act to follow! On the other hand, she certainly will have an eager (to make more cash) agent and loyal readers waiting to pick up whatever falls from her pen…

So, good reading to those of you who went right out and got Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, camped out for the midnight book release, dressed in your Hogwart’s Academy best, and partied like it was …Book VI. I was with you in spirit, though I was far too lazy to get out of bed and ride my broom. However, for my next ‘pay it forward’ mitzvah activity of the year, the plan is to buy a couple of books, read them, and donate them to the public library in the next few weeks – so no spoilers, people.

In many ways, the Harry Hype is overrated, overdone, commercial, Madison Avenue derived crap, and is not even about the book, (or at least not about the writing or the storyline) anymore at all. On the other hand, when was the last time people got this excited about reading — even reading an imperfect series of books? Back when Tolkien was writing, or when The Narnia Chronicles came out, I hear. So, it’s been awhile… Even though I think sometimes the storyline is plodding, and that editing these tomes might do them (and us!) a world of good, I love the excitement of a new link in the saga. It’s so cool to read. And to all the people who bought me books that fed my imagination when I was a kid – then or now, “I can no other answer make, but thanks, and thanks, and ever, thanks.”

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  1. Nicely balanced assessment of the books and the hype, tadmack!

    And what is with the people and the spoilers? I practically had to hang up on my mother last night because she started in. A grown woman should not have to “la-la-la” her own mother into politeness.

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