Kelvingrove Park 244

To any of the following questions, you have now received your answer:

  1. Are you still alive?
  2. Are you ever coming back?
  3. Are you still working on your revision?
  4. Are you still getting random ideas for your SF story in the middle of your revision?
  5. Had you heard about Justine Larbalestier’s repetitive motion injury?
  6. So, does that mean you’re getting out of your chair at times to get exercise?
  7. Are you still slightly panicked about your Google Video chat with Oakwood School’s 6th grade Language Arts class?
  8. Did you see that great Darcy Pattison thing about how to do lighting for your vid chat?
  9. Are you already panicked about what you’re wearing to ALA?
  10. Are you still having nightmares about the speech?
  11. Have you heard from The Taskmaster lately? Did she remind you not to slack off?
  12. Do you still love your job?

Yes, yes, yes.

March appearances look like they’ll continue to be a bit sparse, seeing as I somehow agreed to write an essay for the Hunger Mountain Journal and begin editing my church’s newsletter again, am doing long-distance book chats, still revising and writing and still getting all kinds of squirrelly new ideas for new books that I don’t need quite right now, and I’m trying to finish baby hats and baby blankets in my copious free time since everyone on the planet seems to be popping out a bairn, and I’ve fallen behind.

The essay I’m writing? Is on depictions of race on young adult book covers. I read this, and felt slightly ill.

I shall return. No guarantee whether or not I shall be sane at that time.

Bonne weekend.

Kelvingrove Park 243

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