Go 'head St. Julia: Finally a bestseller.

Dear St. Julia:

How about that Julie/Julia movie?

Just in case you haven’t had time to check it out, The Art of French Cooking is on the best-seller list. It’s only taken forty-eight years, but now everyone knows you are made of awesome. Pounds of rich, real butter, white pepper, red wine, and all.

Love, Lainey

I think she would be rather chuffed. And amused by it all.

Original photo here.

9 Replies to “Go 'head St. Julia: Finally a bestseller.”

  1. Adrienne, I used to be a full-time vegetarian — for about ten years, in fact. Then I got pregnant. 🙂 I craved a burger something fierce. Of course, I always did, but this time I just let myself eat one, Diet for a Small Planet be damned. And now I occasionally eat meat. So sorry about the Colbert Report, Tanita. We don't get that new-fangled cable, so I don't see it either.

  2. After two viewings of this glorious tribute to St. Julia, I say 'eat at both sides of the movie'! It will be in the UK in September. And I shall have to bring a copy when I descend upon you this winter. We will eat cheese. Know that now.

  3. I saw Julie & Julia and highly enjoyed it. You might as well plan to have a meal after you watch the movie, though, on account of you will leave wanting to EAT (and cook, too, but eating is the far more immediate concern). Although come to think of it, Tanita and Jules, you're vegetarians, aren't you? In that case, the movie might have the opposite effect. Tanita, is that one of your own photos? I would like to put it in a frame on my wall.

  4. I haven't seen the movie — it's not yet released in the UK, more's the pity, but people here honestly didn't know who she was, which is why A LA CARTE didn't get picked up by a UK publisher. *AND* to add insult to injury, I can't get The Colbert Report here, either. I'll see if I can find that snippet online, but I can't see whole episodes. (sigh!) Check out this Slate snippet of all of Meryl's voices. I love, love, LOVE Meryl Streep, and indeed, she seems like someone you could just hang out with.

  5. I don't guess you saw Meryl Streep on the Colbert Report. She was awesome—and laughed so much at Stephen's questions that I thought she might fall out of her chair. Their discussion of cooking and dinnertime was hilarious. Stephen said all the kids in his family would just tilt their heads back at the table like baby birds and his mom would run around sprinkling in a box of cereal. I need to see the movie. Not as much as I need to learn to COOK like Julia, but I need to see it.

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