Odds 'n' Ends

As well as being astringent pundits of popular culture, my girlz at Mean & Catty are also on the look-out for the odd fifteen seconds of fame in the YA business… – and yes, Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak as immortalized on the Estrogen Channel, aka Lifetime is a definitely an odd sort of fame. If Anderson is lucky, it’ll be painless enough that the endless reruns won’t leave her suicidal… If she’s very lucky indeed, it’ll be a really wonderful portrayal of her work. Of course, for those of us still reeling from the Rings movies (or am I the only nerd still bemoaning plot additions and distortions?) maybe not so hopeful, eh?

Today’s been a busy day at the post office… A. Fortis has inspired, so I have launched forth book proposals and an entire manuscript to some lucky people to peruse. 51 Days and A La Carte are winging their way toward Mei Mei’s state. Crossed fingers that all editors are in a receptive mood during the fall reading period!!

Meanwhile, D’s lay-off took effect today, so for awhile I’m going to have lots of company around the office. Does that mean more writing gets done, or less? Does anyone else share work space? How do you do it?

If we save all of our pennies now, can we go here in February?


Back to work. For some reason, my failure with Glimmer Train prods me to try my luck with short stories…Again.


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