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Today’s proverb is actually fairly recent, as proverbs go, with a straightforward provenance. According to Phrases, it was printed anonymously in a news sheet called the Hampshire Advertiser, in Southampton, England in August, 1857. It appears in the first stanza of a rather bad poem — and a rather long poem. Eleven stanzas of …erm, instruction. I haven’t read it myself, but apparently the ultimate line of every stanza is the same:

Ye votaries of sofas and beds
Ye sloths who exertion detest,
This maxim I wish to drive into your heads
A change is as good as a rest.

Ye children of Fashion and Wealth,
With countless indulgences blest,
Remember that indolence preyeth on health
A change is as good as a rest…

Ah, the Victorian Era, ever ready with the didactic bit of poetry to drive into your heads. Sheesh.

“A change is as good as a rest.” – English proverb

monday night
fresh ironed pillow-slips
a tightly made bed –
perfectly equipped
to sleep like the dead.

…if you’re counting sheep
as the hours slip by
at least in fresh sheets
you’re sleepless – dignified.

Is a change as good as a rest? Not… really. But, if nothing else, it helps you rest, a little.

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