{gratitude: 11.29}

You know what doesn’t happen during pandemic isolation? A lot of things, yes, but specifically for me, medical stuff. I had “visits” with my endocrinologist on the phone, and right before lockdown eased finally picked up my contact lenses, which had been sitting for seven months. (Grr.) Along with everyone else, we were all catching up, and trying to reschedule and see what we’d missed… We were all set to figure out who was in our new insurance coverage area in January 2020 and find a new dentist when a.) I got a bad ‘flu, and b.) then we went into lockdown. Guess what STILL hasn’t been sorted out as we reach the end of 2021? Sigh.

dentist is a crisp word –
enunciate those t’s!
need thirty-two white chomper cleaned?
then sit here, if you please!
inside the office, you will find
sat reclined in the chair,
that nothing’s changed – it’s all the same
       you’re back getting healthcare!

(As soon as I get my booster shot, anyway!)

(When the Poetry Sisters started doing ____ is a word poems in November, we talked about how easy it is to do concrete things like blanket, tree, or sofa. I tried to do adjectives or adverbs this month, but dentist is definitely a solid noun. It’s amusing how as the month goes on I become more concrete with my choices!)

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