{gratitude: 11.19}

I feel like I’m on a roller coaster – Finished and turned in my book – YAY!

Amazing National Book Award announcements, where a writing colleague I “Internet know” won – YAY!

A friend’s birthday – YAY!

A complete miscarriage of justice in the courts… ::sigh:: Expected. Expected. Expected.

And that’s such a shame. But, we go on.

We Go On

Resilient is a word resolved:
‘re’ reappears when it is called,
without a ‘si’ it gets to work.
It will not ‘lie,’ it never shirks.
A strength that knows what ‘right’ should be,
A zeppelin’s worth of buoyancy.

Keep faith, friends.

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  1. Such a powerful poem Tanita, your closing line has so much weight and layers in that air filled form…
    Ah, how words can just, “get to work,” and carry on, and “knows what ‘right’ should be.”

    That trial, or should I say what trial, and what justice–none for those lives taken and for future precedence—Resilient, excellent word choice.

    Congrats on turning in your book, and thanks for all here!

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