{#npm: 26 – speed}

This month has gone by with indecent haste, has it not? Mere moments ago we were still “in sore doubt concerning Spring,” and five minutes from now it will be Memorial Day and we’ll be sneezing on one end of the country and on the other, limp with humidity. How is it that sometimes, summer seems to last forever but Spring is a mere two minutes long?

past bud to full bloom
with graceless speed bolt – ripen —
careen, and then: green

4 Replies to “{#npm: 26 – speed}”

  1. Beautiful writing. Yes, spring goes by all too quickly. I like what MaryLee said about it reminding us to pay attention. Some of the most wonderful moments in life are as fleeting as spring.

  2. Maybe Spring’s speed was designed to remind us to Pay. Attention.
    When every day brings a new bud or bloom, we have to be watching…or miss the show.

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