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I utterly adored the title of the book The Girl Who Looked Under Rocks. Peering under rocks sounds so adventurous and genuinely dangerous, yet honestly appealing. I loved poking around under rocks when I was a kid — with a stick, however, as both parents had their experiences with stinging caterpillars and biting gopher snakes, and admonished me accordingly! From this we learned, however, that not everything one finds under a rock is something willing to be found…

it’s unspoiled nature
no matter how many legs
leave no stone unturned

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  1. One of the most important moments in my life as a scientist (and fly fisher) was a two-week aquatic entomology course, where we turned over LOTS of rocks in rivers and creeks in order to find/identify aquatic insect larva that begin their life in water before becoming terrestrial adults. Good stuff that.

  2. I adore this! I have a book I share with students called A Log’s Life. In one section it talks about looking under the log.
    And yes to leaving no stone unturned!

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