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Happy National Poetry Month! And happy birthday to Kelly, and festival greetings to those celebrating Passover and Easter.

Today I’m all about the joy that ritual and seasons bring – today’s ritual of springtime is opening windows. It’s chilly in this house – it’s actually warmer outside. Which works well in the summertime, don’t get me wrong – but it’s less fun when it’s 70° outdoors and I’m still wearing a wool sweater indoors (this is also possible because it’s not humid here, I know). Today, I open my office windows and listen to the sounds of Spring-seeking world.

garbage trucks, geese, crows,
engine sputters. warm wind blows
outside in. windows

Just so you know, one of the Seven (Poetry) Sisters, Tricia is doing a National Poetry Month project, Cousin Mary Lee is creating daily haiku this month, as is Sister Liz. Poetry Peeps & Pals: Tabatha Yeatts is sharing bilingual poetry, and Michelle Kogan is sharing her unique blend of art and letters. There’s tons of other poetry around the blogosphere. Happy April, and Happy Spring!

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  1. I actually love the fact that this rhymes because you never see rhyme in haiku. It just works here. And open windows is my favorite part of spring. (If we could escape the pollen, that is.) I used to have a gardenia outside my bedroom window and the scent that wafted in was heavenly.

    1. @lsteinglass: Really? I know haiku isn’t supposed to rhyme, but those lines just struck me, and I thought, “well, it’s not really a REAL haiku,” because I can’t really write the properly nuanced nature-based ones anyway. But I thought it was fun because haiku and enjambment don’t usually match! I’m glad you like it!

  2. Cooler in the house than outside is also my reality at times. Thank goodness for the space heater and wool or layers of fleece!

    Happy Poetry Month!

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