{#winterlight: country of freedom}

I’ve run out of words.

Fortunately, there’s poetry.

Poetry Friday today is hosted by Sylvia Vardell at Poetry for Children. Thank you, Sylvia.

Country of Freedom

Country of freedom, be free in thy heart:
Free from the shackles of poisoning pride,
Free from the liar’s contemptible art,
Free from allurements that tempt thee aside,
Free from the crafty and treacherous guide,
Free from the ravening greed of the mart,
Free from the snares that in opulence hide, —
Country of freedom be free in thy heart.

— Amos Russel Wells (1863-1933)

10 Replies to “{#winterlight: country of freedom}”

  1. Perfect poem for this week, Tanita. “Free from the shackles of poisoning pride/ Free from the liar’s contemptible art.” These should be our guiding principles.

  2. Thanks for finding and sharing “Country of Freedom” this week, in particular. A powerful moment. And thanks also for joining our Poetry Friday gathering. Here’s hoping in the weeks ahead our country finds its freedom again…

  3. What a strong poem Tanita, so succinct, and apropos for our status quo–it makes me think of James Baldwin and John Lewis. And you who’ve run out of words… you were busy sharing many this week on your blog, thank you for all!

  4. As Jan wrote, words needed for today, though I don’t know whether to be reassured that it was written so long ago. I couldn’t find when he wrote it, perhaps in WWI, perhaps reflecting on the Civil War? It’s beautiful, Tanita. I’m glad you found and shared it.

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