{the #MoSt Poetry: 29}

Prompt #29 (for January 12th, 2020) ~ Because I couldn’t imagine myself compiling a set of NYPC prompts without including a Mary Oliver poem as “combustion” for a poem of your own, I offer one of my favorites, West Wind #2. Respond to it/ borrow (i. e., steal wisely) from it in any way you like. Ready and…Steady…Go and…

Oban D 68


nearly halfway –
surely, to receive instruction
after all this time
must render both the gift –
and the giver –
unnecessary. and yet
the reminder blazed
stark across the page
renewing a wisdom you knew before:
don’t lose chances – take them all
don’t lose your heart – give it out for free
your roll of the dice says the winner takes all:
put your face to the wind,
toward all that unmakes you, and
row for your life.
run to the battle.

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