{the #MoSt Poetry: 22}

Prompt #22 (for January 5th, 2020) The Pantone Color of the Year for 2020 is Classic Blue. (Here’s Pantone’s own description; scroll down to see previous years’ colors.) Write a “list” poem in the form of an blog or newspaper review, listing the reasons you like or dislike this choice of color. Point out the connections the color’s name evoke for you. For example, “classic blue” might bring to mind Buddy Guy, or a navy peacoat, or Gainsborough’s The Blue Boy, or Levi Strauss’ first pair of riveted denim pants, or the cover of your favorite book as a child. Your review might be from the viewpoint of a philosopher, politician, art critic, or house painter. For extra credit, try writing your poem as a sonnet, or a concrete poem.


boring blue
it’s steady, true
a democratic shade
in lieu of
screeching red —
it’s classic, right?
it’s starlight seas
and summer nights
it’s meant to say
“shhh, folks, be calm!”
like soothing surf,
this blue’s a balm
and so we choose — a safe, blue choice
a boring blue
for this year’s voice…


the “color of the year” says peace
while calling cool the climate’s burn!
but, no mere color can decrease
our planetary unconcern.
let’s choose a color — call it change
and let it dictate fashion’s sway
a blue-white brownish tint arrange
and thus create a brand-new day.

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