{gratitude: 11.6}

Poetry Friday revealed that there’s a crowd of folks writing gratiku on Twitter and Instagram – gratitude + haiku = gratiku, and it’s a good practice just to pause and write something small this month. If you tag your post #gratiku or #gratitude, you’ll be rounded up with the rest.

Today is my day of rest; tomorrow I’m tossed back into funerals, meetings, more work on reframing the end of this novel (10 days to the deadline), and all the rest. Today I’m making a simple soup, munching an apple, and doing the absolute least. Today’s word may not seem particularly to inspire gratitude, but it does for me. No, really!

Life Cycles

Compost is a common noun:
Composites: worms-plus-dirt.
‘C’ cradles food and breaks it down
‘Om’ noms waste like dessert
‘P’ reveals complexity
Life’s organisms, rife!
Decomposition guarantees
A right-now afterlife.