{gratitude: 11.4}

The thing about many old houses is that they have many old dark corners. Root cellars, basements, bottoms of gardens. This house just faces all the wrong directions to get any decent sun inside, even with solar tubes and skylights. Our small house is dwarfed in contrast to the tall trees in our and our neighbors’ yards, so afternoons in Autumn are a bit dim. Later, when the leaves are gone for good, a bit of sun will straggle through, but now we begin the season of gloom.

Not gonna lie, I kind of love it.

some dim

Shadowed is a shaded word,
A silhouette of night
Slipping from the s, the h
Cowers from the light.
‘A’ blazes bright – an open noun –
But downplayed by the ‘d,’
What’s left is ‘owed’ to dusk,
Bestows rank obscurity.