{#npm: 6 – scattered}

Several times today I’ve already asked myself where my head’s at… It’s just one of those days with too much to do. My laptop screen is flickering, I’m carrying things in my brain to add to a grocery list, I have packages to go to the post office… on and on it piles up.

I believe the greatest triumph of the human mind is the ability to organize ourselves from running in seventy different directions with the simple words “I’ll get to it.” And despite everything, I will… eventually.

windblown confetti
petals in a fractious wind
scattered like my thoughts

Laura writes so much poetry I missed that she’s writing equation poetry this month! Check it out! • West Coast folk (or those with neighbors who won’t mind them singing late into the night) are invited to join a Music Memo project… since music is poetry set alight. • And don’t miss the interview with Tasha Spillett-Sumner & Michela Goade for I Sang You Down from the Stars which is both a picture book and a poem.