{the #MoSt Poetry: 21}

Prompt #21 (for January 4th, 2020) Write a poem containing the words preempt, vivacious, lope, fractal, and warren. Colonel Looseleaf Harper’s bonus word is lambent.

(I am convinced that Gary, here, is trying to kill us with these prompts. I refuse – refuse – to write the thirty-line epic these heavy-hitter words seem to call for, and am doing my best to shove them into the shortest poem, ever.)

Southampton Bay

morning watch

Each morning, we preempt the day
And lope across the muddied hills
While lambent clouds sun’s rise displays
Shadows the warrens under hill
Vivacious finches, robins, thrush
Spiral away in fractal skies
We, crunching through the underbrush
Provoke the wildlife’s hue and cry.