{haiku-ing 20}

These persimmons shine on the counter from so much handling, so much stroking and poking and squeezing to test for ripeness. We thought it was going to rain so went ahead and picked them… just as well to keep them away from the crows and squirrels. I suppose I could have one if I put in a request in triplicate, but for now, Himself guards them jealously, like a persimmon-hoarding Smaug. I plot…


harvest’s bounty waits
cherish each golden treasure
summer’s just reward

{haiku-ing 19}

Happy Birthday to the autumn babies, including my brother next week, who is not so old that we forget that while he tortures our younger sister, he also always drags the saucer to the top of the slope for her, too.

Tahoe 054


a few years past “teen”
memory’s details blurring
but still love holds true

{haiku-ing 12}

This delightful dragon thing is a car… currently on display at the Oakland Museum of California. It’s made out of muffin tins and pie plates, jello molds and bits and bobs. Is it the sum of all our kitchen fears? Or the joyous completion of our Home-Ec assignment? Only the artist knows.

Oakland Museum of California 231


kitchen concocting
two parts scrap and one part fire
creates make-believe